ZTE 5G Smart Factory wins Most Innovative 5G Enterprise Product award

aluminum 5G smart factory award
Contemporary large aluminum foundry with casting cells. Image by grigorenko | Bigstockphoto

ZTE’s 5G Smart Aluminum Factory Solution has won the “Most Innovative 5G Enterprise Product” award at the 5G World Summit 2021. The 5G World Summit is an annual 5G industry event hosted by Informa Tech Division of Informa PLC. It is designed to recognize innovation and outstanding contributions to the global telecommunications industry.

ZTE and China Mobile partnered with one of the largest electrolytic aluminum manufacturing enterprises located in the southwest region of China in Yunnan Province, impressing the judges with the project’s innovative capabilities, technology breakthroughs, and outstanding contributions to 5G industrial development. The company is a leading benchmark enterprise for green energy production established in 2018 under government investment promotion. The total investment in the whole factory is nearly 7 billion RMB (US$1.1 billion). It is estimated that the annual output value will be more than 10 billion RMB (US$1.56 billion), and the annual production will be 900,000 tons of green hydroelectric aluminum.

Facing the all-around challenges of green production of the non-ferrous metal smelting industry, ZTE has built an integrated 5G smart factory for this key aluminum enterprise with the support of partners. The project features “One 5G private network +1 industrial smart brain +N innovative applications.” A reliable and secured cloud network integrated foundation has been built for its 5G private network and the MEC edge infrastructure in the industrial park. A panoramic visualized production and management “smart brain” has been developed together with the industrial IoT platform, digital twin, and AI as the core capabilities.

The project has incorporated the analysis of big data for overall energy consumption; intelligent measurement of molten ore temperature; online detection of conveyor belt operation; visual meter reading of air compressors; remote centralized control of overhead cranes and convergent positioning covering the entire scenario of 5G applications for non-ferrous metal smelting in a smart factory environment. Associated with this is the vastly improved safety levels, quality of green aluminum production and keeping the enterprise competitive under the increasing cost of energy and labor.

ZTE, China Mobile and the participating industrial manufacturer continue to explore and accumulate experience for the intelligent construction of non-ferrous metal smelting facilities. In addition, ZTE has been closely working with operators, design institutes, and production system manufacturers to complement the core capabilities needed. Together with partners, they aim to promote the replication of this model for large-scale metal smelting industries and promote the digital transformation of others.

The 5G World award is one of the most influential international awards, organized by the world’s leading telecom and media market research company, Informa. It aims to recognize the 5G leader who promoted continuous innovation in the telecom industry and achieved outstanding achievements. Before winning this award, this project had been awarded first prize in the 3rd “Bloom Cup” National 5G Application Competition in China. It was also selected for the GSMA 2021 China 5G Vertical Industry Application Case Library.

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