ZTE joins the 5G Automotive Association to develop connected car tech

connected cars
Credit: Karsten Neglia / Shutterstock.com

ZTE has become a member of 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), enabling ZTE to team up with industrial partners to further promote development of connected cars – or, as ZTE calls it, the “smart Internet of Vehicles”.

The 5GAA is a cross-industry association formed in September 2016 by players in the telecommunications and automotive sectors. The association will develop, test and promote communications solutions, support standardization and accelerate commercial availability and global market penetration.

The goal is to address society’s connected mobility and road safety needs with applications such as connected automated driving, ubiquitous access to services and integration into smart cities and intelligent transportation. The members comprise a complete ecosystem for connected cars, including automotive manufacturers, telecom operators, telecom infrastructure providers, chips suppliers and automotive parts suppliers.

ZTE is committed to building a set of secure, open and shared terminal-pipe-cloud platform and environment for connected cars. Related ZTE solutions include 4G multi-mode modules, on-board diagnostics  and Wi-Fi-in-car modules.

ZTE will also bring its experience in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) field, with a variety of solutions covering traffic control, transportation management, emergency telecommunications cluster (ETC) and information services.

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