ZTE wants you to stick its AI solution in your network

Image credit: Alexander Tolstykh / Shutterstock.com

ZTE has officially released an artificial intelligence (AI) solution – a unified platform that the company says can help operators build intelligent, cost-effective and automated AI-powered networks.

ZTE says its AI solution can provide diversified applications for cloud services, intelligent networks, chips and terminals.

AI-based cloud service applications, for example, can provide voice and video services based on face recognition, human and vehicle identification, speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

AI-based intelligent network application, based on precision algorithms, can provide intelligent network operation & maintenance (O&M) solution, intelligent network optimization solution, as well as intelligent network operation solution and more.

For chips and terminals, the solution can provide self-researching AI chips, robot modules, and intelligent terminals, ZTE says.

Complemented with high computing power, precision algorithm and data analytics capability, says ZTE, AI technology will lead to the evolution of highly intelligent autonomous, automatic, self-optimizing and self-healing networks. At this stage, operators and vendors are still proactively exploring and seeking more efficient, stable and accurate AI algorithms and solutions to reduce the operation labor cost and effectively improve operating income.

ZTE said it has been developing its AI solution in collaboration with operators via joint R&D design, joint field tests, actual network data acquisition, training and optimization, algorithm and solution iteration. 

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