ZTE and China Mobile complete fast deployment of intelligent SPN

SPN Zenic One network slicing
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ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for Mobile Internet, and the Zhejiang branch of China Mobile, have completed fast deployment of intelligent SPN (Slicing Packet Network) on the existing network in Huzhou, China.

The two partners have managed to shorten the launch and deployment time of a single NE (Network Element) from 7 minutes to 2 minutes, improving the single-NE deployment efficiency by 70% and substantially reducing the device deployment cost.

ZTE and China Mobile have adopted automatic DCN deployment without site configuration to enable automatic topology creation and automatic discovery of NEs, boards and links.

Moreover, modular basic configuration, flexible template customization and one-touch configuration are also used to implement fast deployment of basic data and improve the basic data deployment efficiency of SPN networks.

In the SPN deployment, China Mobile has employed ZTE’s intelligent management and control system ZENIC ONE (UME) to successfully complete fast NE discovery and deployment.

By virtue of the graphic interface of ZENIC ONE (UME), the fast network construction function module has changed the network deployment mode from manual configuration to automatic deployment.

The fast network construction function module can select data templates based on scenarios to implement batch NE operations.

In addition, by means of automatic DCN NE deployment, the fast network construction function module exempts the operation and maintenance staff from going to the site for debugging.

Underpinned by rich experience in new technology R&D, project commissioning and operation & maintenance of intelligent SPN, ZTE had delivered nearly 100,000 full series of end-to-end 5G transport products by the end of June 2020.

In June 2020, ZTE’s intelligent management and control product, ZENIC ONE, was rated “very strong” again by GlobalData in its WAN SDN Controller assessment report.

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