ZTE first to complete China Mobile CPE HUB OTN open networking test

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ZTE Corporation today announced that it is the first to complete the CPE HUB OTN open networking test of China Mobile, successfully implementing multi-vendor end-to-end service provisioning and control disaggregation in the service convergence scenario. That thereby lays a solid foundation for the future CPE OTN multi-vendor, end-to-end service deployment. 

As the equipment for the access CPE OTN to aggregate upwards, CPE HUB OTN is deployed in the equipment room at the local end. It is connected to multiple CPE OTNs deployed in the customer’s equipment room at the access layer. CPE HUB OTN analyzes and aggregates small-granularity private line services downwards while connecting with MAN equipment upwards, so as to improve the uplink bandwidth usage and reduce the number of uplink interfaces. It can increase the network deployment efficiency by 90%, significantly improving network operation efficiency.

Besides, CPE HUB OTN supports the function of forwarding disaggregation and management control disaggregation, just like CPE OTN. In this test, the HUB OTN node employs ZTE’s metro OTN product ZXMP M721 that supports open interfaces. This product features various types of plug-and-play service boards to meet the high bandwidth requirements of enterprise private line services.

ZTE’s metro OTN product ZXMP M721 not only supports interoperability with CPE OTN devices from different vendors downwards, but also connects with the MAN OTN equipment of different vendors upwards. 

The highly integrated equipment can effectively reduce the network construction cost and the maintenance cost while the standard IrDI (Inter-Domain interface) and southbound interface are guaranteed to be decoupled, thereby meeting the more flexible and open networking requirements of China Mobile in the future, and helping China Mobile achieve multi-vendor end-to-end service provisioning, management and control.

As a long-term strategic partner of China Mobile, ZTE has been continuously investing in product and technology R&D, with a commitment to constant innovation and optimization.

According to the latest data of GlobalData, ZTE’s ZXMP M721 is rated “Very Strong” in Packet-Optical Access, which is the highest rating among vendors analyzed.

Moving forward, ZTE will further intensify the technological cooperation with China Mobile, provide the operator with industry-leading technologies and services, and fully promote OTN disaggregation and next-generation technology evolution, so as to create a win-win situation.

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