ZTE, China Unicom’s end-to-end slicing of 5G OTT services

ZTE Corporation has announced that it has deployed China’s first commercially oriented end-to-end slicing application of 5G OTT services with the Shenzhen branch of China Unicom. 

This application provides flexible slicing solutions for 5G OTT services, such as cloud games and HD videos. By deploying soft slicing and hard slicing pipes on transport networks, this solution can elastically implement slicing bandwidth scaling up and down on demand,  and provide differentiated service guarantee for OTT users of different levels, by physically separating the forwarding plane. Meanwhile it ensures the minimum latency for a single device, thus greatly improving user experience.

In the commercially oriented end-to-end slicing network of 5G OTT services, ZTE has provided its flagship 5G transport product ZXCTN 9000-E series and access device ZXCTN 6180H, which adopt the 3-in-1 core chipset embedded with the FlexE. It can realize elastic scaling of slicing bandwidth on demand and physical separation of the forwarding plane, thereby providing differentiated service guarantee for users of different levels.

Meanwhile, the latency of the access-layer device at a single node is less than 5us, and the latency of the core/aggregation-layer device at a single node is less than 20us, which are both the industry’s lowest single-device latency.

In addition, ZTE has provided the intelligent management and control integrated system ZENIC ONE, which supports full lifecycle management of network slicing, significantly increasing service provisioning efficiency and reducing the OPEX.

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