ZTE launches cloud infrastructure for large 5G rollouts

ZTE Massive MIMO 1+X SSB
Image credit: Alexander Tolstykh | shutterstock.com

ZTE has launched a new cloud infrastructure solution that it says can strike the right balance between user experience and cost control to help telcos accelerate large-scale 5G launches.

The ‘5G-Ready 4MIX On Demand Distributed Cloud Infrastructure’ solution – unveiled at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin – is based on a three-layer distributed deployment architecture (access, of “Access Cloud + edge and “center”) that can support a 5G-oriented, full-scenario deployment.

The solution’s resource pool adopts a combination of hardware acceleration technologies, such as FPGA-based SmartNIC, and GPU, as well as an unified capability enabler, to flexibly provide upper layer applications with various acceleration capabilities, ZTE says.

Also, the “OpenStack + Kubernetes” dual-core-driven cloud platform supports a unified computer/storage/network management framework and on-demand mixed scheduling of virtual machines (VM), bare metal and container resources.
The mixed O&M mode – based on remote control, AI and other technologies – is capable of achieving unmanned operation at the network edge, and constructing end-to-end closed-loop automated O&M in the whole network.

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