ZTE wraps up FDD massive MIMO test with China Telecom

Credit: Janitors / Flickr.com

ZTE says it has successfully completed joint-testing of its proprietary Pre5G FDD massive MIMO solution, in partnership with China Telecom Innovation Center.

The results of the joint test showed ZTE’s Pre5G FDD massive MIMO solution enhanced cell throughput by more than three times using existing frequency spectrum and 4G LTE devices, according to ZTE.

ZTE also said the test demonstrated the ability of its massive MIMO solution to help operators offer ultrafast mobile broadband services on existing FDD-LTE infrastructure, without requiring users to change their mobile devices and terminals.

The test is also crucial for ZTE – which initially developed its Pre5G massive MIMO technology on TDD-LTE networks – to demonstrate that it can implement the same technology on FDD-LTE, which accounts for over 85% of existing LTE deployments around the world. Also, massive MIMO is a critical technology in the evolution of 4G networks towards 5G.

ZTE said that China Telecom is expected to deploy its FDD massive MIMO technology sometime this year.

Photo by Janitors

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