ZTE shines at MWC Shanghai 2023 shaping digital innovation


ZTE Corporation is set to make a prominent appearance at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2023 under the theme of “Shaping Digital Innovation” from June 28th to 30th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Fully connecting with customers and end users, ZTE presents the new value it has created in seven scenarios. At the ZTE booth, MWC attendees will be immersed in innovations that extend technological boundaries, integrate core capabilities, and enable autonomous intelligence. 

ZTE booth will showcase the Company’s groundbreaking ICT

Located at B20 in Hall N3, the ZTE booth will showcase the Company’s groundbreaking ICT technologies and applications across seven immersive exhibition areas: Industrial Field Network, Stronger Computing Power, Green for All, Wireless Infinity, All Optical World, Phygital Innovation, and Better User Experience. 

Joining hands with industry partners, ZTE has rolled out the solution for building fully-connected factories with “Industrial Field Network + ZTE Digital Nebula”. This solution can optimize the value chain for process manufacturing and improve agility in discrete manufacturing, comprehensively building ubiquitous industrial intelligence. An intelligent manufacturing process is simulated at the “Industrial Field Network” exhibition area, involving the scenarios of an information center, production management, equipment management, energy & environment protection, and security guarantee.

Showcasing ZTE Digital Nebula

Meanwhile, it showcases how ZTE Digital Nebula enables centralized production control, energy management, security control, AI machine vision, unmanned “3D” jobs, and intelligent logistics in factories, giving an impetus to the high-quality development of enterprises.

The relentless surge in computing power is placing higher demands on the underlying computing power infrastructures, including servers, storage and data centers. ZTE is committed to further enhancing the R&D and innovation of software and hardware products that are related with computing power infrastructures.

At the “Stronger Computing Power” exhibition area, MWC attendees can watch the demos of ZTE’s products and solutions for stronger computing power, including scenario-tailored modular data centers, new computing power infrastructure, Cloud DCnet, high-performance optical infrastructure, and cross-domain computing power scheduling. Through multi-cloud coordination and efficient computing power operation, these products and solutions empower project builders and operators of the East-to-West Computing Resource Transfer to reduce costs and monetize computing power. 

ZTE paving a green path

As a driver of the digital economy, ZTE paves a green path with innovative technologies. Through extensive collaboration with more than 500 industry partners, ZTE explores technological empowerment for energy-saving, emission reduction, and operational efficiency improvements. The “Green for All” exhibition zone presents innovative solutions in green operations, supply chain, digital infrastructure, and empowering green industries. Dedicated to the four dimensions, ZTE continues to support operators in building end-to-end green and low-carbon networks, fostering harmonious coexistence among societies, environments, and stakeholders.

At the “Wireless Infinity” area, ZTE offers precise network construction solutions covering all scenarios tailored to operators’ demands for high integration, large bandwidth, multi-band frequency, high power, and high capacity. Turbo Core maximizes the value of every bit by software-hardware integration. Steady Core for highly reliable and resilient networks ensure efficient and smooth operations.

AI-empowered 5G New Calling

AI-empowered 5G New Calling creates a superior real-time communication experience through comprehensive upgrades and innovation across devices, networks, cloud platforms, and vertical industries. Digital twin and intent-driven uSmartNet provide better and more intelligent user experiences. Technologies for 5G-Advanced scenarios, such as 5G Non-Terrestrial Network, Zero-Carbon Network, Internet of Low-Altitude UAVs, and Internet of Vehicles, are expected to bring about a 10-fold network capacity increase and unleash enormous value.

Meanwhile, as a leading player in the all-optical network field, ZTE has launched the solution of high-value all-optical networks, building a high-speed network foundation for the digital economy. At the “All Optical World” exhibition area, ZTE will present the end-to-end product series covering optical terminals, OAN, and OTN. With innovative applications, such as UHD videos, metaverse, and ChatGPT keep emerging, ZTE strives to build optical networks with higher bandwidth and lower latency, and a future-ready digital infrastructure, to embrace ubiquitous connectivity in the 10G era.

“Phygital Innovation” exhibition zone

The “Phygital Innovation” exhibition zone will demonstrate the innovative values unleashed by ZTE Digital Nebula 2.0. The Company, combining industry demands with product innovation and customization, has introduced the ZTE Digital Nebula platform, a specifically designed digital platform for enterprises. ZTE Digital Nebula 2.0 comes with a comprehensive upgrade in data, algorithms, and computing power, known as the three pillars in the digital intelligence era.

Together with partners, ZTE will explore more opportunities in various fields to achieve win-win, for example, the digital transformation of large enterprises, critical urban infrastructure, low-carbon industrial parks, big data-driven urban railways, port digitalization, smart ports, and water management based on digital twins. It will enable modular, flexible, convenient, and highly efficient cloud-network convergence solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of industry clients.

ZTE keeps making 5G innovations

As a global tech leader in smart terminals, ZTE keeps making 5G innovations in building the “1+2+N” Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0. Attendees will enjoy a full series of smart terminals and mobile devices at the “Better User Experience” zone, including the world’s first AI-powered eyewear-free 3D tablet, the world’s first consumer-grade GPT wireless AR glasses, the world’s first Wi-Fi 7 5G CPE and the first 5G notebook cloud terminal around the globe. These offerings can meet users’ growing demands for visual experience, seamless connection, and extension of senses. 

Additionally, ZTE will hold the grand Partner Event Day and joint events during the show to engage with global operators, industry partners and thought leaders to share valuable insights, perspectives, and practical case studies on a range of trendy topics centering around 5G, future optical network and digital everything.

ZTE MWC Shanghai 2023

Dedicated website for MWC Shanghai 2023

Furthermore, a dedicated website for MWC Shanghai 2023 will be presented online, enabling global customers to access the event’s latest updates and exciting happenings anytime and anywhere. Playing an indispensable role in digital intelligence industry, ZTE actively embraces the momentum of digital transformation. Internally, ZTE adheres to the business philosophy of “Simplicity, Agility, and Openness for Win-Win”.

Externally, ZTE positions itself as a “Driver of Digital Economy”, continuously leveraging its connectivity and computing power to strengthen the ICT full-stack core capabilities and collaborating with partners from various industries to build an open and cooperative ecosystem for mutual benefit. ZTE remains committed to shaping digital innovation while expanding its boundaries in transactions, capabilities, and values.

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