ZTE tests SDN controller with China Mobile’s CloudOS

Image credit: cornfield / Shutterstock.com

ZTE announced that it has completed the first decoupling and interconnection test of its ZENIC SDN controller with China Mobile’s carrier-grade CloudOS.

The joint test involved environment installation inspection, basic function and stability, and verification of over 20 particular protocol extensions in NFV scenarios. The test successfully implemented automatic launching and dynamic adjustment of NFV sites, ZTE says.

OpenFlow was used in the test as the standard protocol for SDN control, forwarding and separation, while OVSDB was used as the standard protocol for vSwitch management, meeting requirements of decoupling and interconnection.

ZTE says its ZENIC SDN vDC controller is compatible with mainstream virtualized software, and applicable to scenarios such as hybrid, hardware and software overlay. It has also been designed to complete interconnection with third-party OpenStack cloud platforms such as RedHat and China Mobile’s CloudOS.

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