ZTE unveils NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) card

ZTE Neo card
ZTE NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) card - Image courtesy ZTE

ZTE Corporation has unveiled its NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) card at MWC Shanghai. Now, server cloudification can be easily achieved by merely inserting the card into the server.

Cloud computing enables users to easily use computing, storage, and network resources like water and electricity. The cloud platform manages and shields the underlying hardware in a unified manner through the Hypervisor virtualization layer and provides services such as VMs, containers and bare metals for users as needed, thus achieving resources sharing and improving resources utilization.      

However, the Hypervisor virtualization layer is deployed on the server, which usually causes a lot of server performance loss. Besides, there are serious security risks in ICT integration, multi-tenancy and other scenarios. 

To solve these problems, ZTE has launched the NEO card solution. Based on the system architecture integrating the NEO card’s software and hardware, the computing, network, and storage modules are offloaded from the server to the NEO card. Only the lightweight Hypervisor resides on the server, thus reducing the server’s CPU load and achieving zero occupation of server resources and zero performance loss. 

Simultaneously, the Hypervisor’s virtualisation layer is physically isolated from the service, eliminating the risks of protocol stack vulnerability disclosure. The cloud platform is more secure and can be deployed in any zero-trust environment. Also, the NEO board is pre-integrated with the Hypervisor virtualization layer, and the users can conveniently deploy the layer within several minutes. 

ZTE TCF (TECS Cloud Foundation), the distributed and precise cloud embedded with the NEO card, realizes software and hardware coordination. It provides precise deployment of on-site, access, edge and center scenarios, thus achieving “on-demand cloudification”. This solution accelerates the integration of 5G and thousands of industries, empowers vertical industry applications, and promotes the digital economy’s development. 

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