ZTE wins 2019 ATD Excellence in Practice Award

ZTE Corporation today announced that it has been awarded with 2019 ATD Excellence in Practice (EIP) Award by Association for Talent Development (ATD) by virtue of the project of “Learning and Development: Improving the Efficiency of Knowledge Operation and Management in Capability Center”. The winning of the award demonstrates ZTE’s outstanding strength in talent training and development.

In this project, ZTE’s Marketing Position-based Capability Center has carried out a series of works in the past two years to address the problems of product knowledge decaying from the source to the front-line marketing and marketing front-line staff’s not mastering product knowledge. Underpinned by the integrated and innovative knowledge transfer system, ZTE has established an effective mechanism on knowledge management and operation efficiency improvement.

This mechanism covers the entire process of requirement, implementation, review and optimization. Based on employees’ knowledge acquisition requirements and using experience, this mechanism combines vertical professional knowledge training with the horizontal global experience to conduct end-to-end optimization and improvement on the original knowledge transfer system.

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