KT, Qualcomm and Samsung stage 5G interop test – it works

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KT Corp, Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung Electronics announced the successful completion of multi-vendor interoperability testing compliant with the recently completed 3GPP Release 15 Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G NR global standard.

The live, over-the-air demo – which was held in Samsung’s lab in Suwon – tested data connections operating in 3.5-GHz and 28-GHz bands, utilizing pre-commercial 5G NR base stations from Samsung and 5G NR UE prototypes from Qualcomm. The demo achieved multi-gigabit downlink speeds, as well as latencies as low as 1 millisecond.

The test also demonstrated the essential components of the 5G NR air interface, including scalable 5G NR OFDM numerology, advanced 5G NR channel coding and modulation schemes, low-latency 5G NR slot structure and 5G NR control and data channel support for massive MIMO and mobile mmWave.

The companies billed the interoperability test as a significant milestone on the path to standard-compliant mobile 5G NR trials starting in 2018, leading to commercial 5G NR network deployments and multimode smartphone launches anticipated in 2019.

“KT believes that this 5G NR trial will pave the way to a successful launch of 5G NR networks and mobile devices, which will mark another technology breakthrough beyond the first broad-scale 5G trial services at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games,” said Seo Chang-Seok, EVP and head of KT’s network strategy unit.

“As the industry works toward the goal of commercial launches of 5G NR products and networks in 2019, close collaboration among global mobile industry leaders on testing and successful trials are necessary to validate the technologies and continue to build and improve our capabilities,” said Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm.

Deutsche Telekom, Intel and Huawei announced the results of a similar 5G NR interoperability test last month, although that demo only utilized the in 3.5-GHz band, not mmWave bands.

KT, Qualcomm and Samsung will be showcasing the 5G NR interoperability demonstration at their respective stands at Mobile World Congress 2018 next week.

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