Used handset reseller Moose Mobile goes MVNO with Optus deal

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Optus Wholesale says it has signed an exclusive five-year post-paid mobile partnership with Moose Mobile that will see Optus 4G SIMs bundled with Moose’s range of heavily discounted refurbished handsets.

The Moose business model involves providing refurbished mobile devices (Android and non-Android) that are current and inexpensive. With the Optus deal, Moose Mobile will evolve from reseller to MVNO, bundling refurbished mobile devices with competitive pricing plans on a mobile network. Moose will prioritize the youth segment with a combination of refurbished handsets and SIM offers.

John Castro, vice president of sales and marketing at Optus Wholesale, said, “This partnership further reflects Optus’ commitment to diversifying its customer base which includes delivering services to niche players in addition to major MVNOs. We are here to deliver mobile services to a range of wholesale partners, particularly companies like Moose.”

Castro noted that refurbished handset sales are set to grow significantly over the next three years, pointing to an IDC report that predicts the market for used smartphones will grow from 81.3 million devices in 2015 to 222.6 million in 2020. “So this represents a sound strategic approach from Moose Mobile.”

Moose Mobile CEO Dean Lwin said that refurbished handsets are popular amongst first phone users as they provide parents and younger buyers access to reasonably current Android and non-Android devices at prices well below the cost of a new device.

“By providing access to a SIM at the point-of-sale, Moose will be able to convert a once-off handset sale into a long-standing customer,” Lwin said.

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