Satellite Industry Forum 2022, Singapore 31 May

Satellite Industry Forum 2022

After a two-year hiatus, AVIA is pleased to finally welcome everyone back to Singapore for the Satellite Industry Forum 2022! This year’s event will be a 3-hour industry conference and dialogue followed by dinner and drinks on Tuesday 31 May from 3pm – 9pm SGT at the ParkRoyal Collection Marina Bay.

Join some of the industry’s foremost leaders who will be with us live at the event to discuss The State of the Satellite Industry. It will be an afternoon of riveting discussions where we will explore all facets of the industry, from the standpoint of an operator to the manufacturer and finally, the customer.

Conference Highlights Include:

  • The State of the Asia Satellite Industry and the Future of Thailand’s Satellite Business
  • Where will Future Growth Come From?
  • Satellite Operators’ Roundtable: Staking Their Place in the Global Telco Ecosystem
  • How are Manufacturers Scaling Up Capabilities for the Future?
  • The Customers Talk
  • Key Takeaways and Bold Predictions for the Future of Satellite

In the Customers Talk session, we deep dive into the clients’ roadmaps and how they are changing. Where do they see growth coming from and what would they like to see more of from satellite operators? How should the industry be competing in the 5G world – what are the roles of satellite and how are these partnerships evolving; and what expectations are they laying for the year ahead?

We will conclude our day of expert discussions by engaging with an industry thought leader in a closing fireside chat to hear their views and predictions of what to look out for and expect over the next 12 months. What will drive or inhibit growth in demand for the industry, and what are the exciting new applications, potential unforeseen challenges and opportunities we could expect.

More information here.

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